Scatolificio MM’s vast experience in the industry allows them to offer its customers a complete graphic, productive and logistic service guaranteeing that the requested item arrives finished and ready for use.

It begins with a company request for the creation of a new product. The client sends graphic proposals to Scatolificio MM that are then evaluated by the technical team check the project by taking into account the lithographic printing needs, which are fundamental for the communicative power of the product. With a positive feedback (if negative, alternative solutions or possibilities are suggested), the company provides a “sample”, which is carefully scrutinized by the client.

Once the sample and colors for printing are approved, the box-lithographic firm SCATOLIFICIO MM gives the material to a trusted lithographic company to make metal sheets be printed.

When the sheets are ready and are back in our company, the processing stage of the product begins. It is divided in three steps: monitoring and cutting, assembly and shipping.

  • The monitoring and verification of the colors for printing occur in the first stage. They must conform to the customer’s request. The sheet is then cut according to the requested sizes. The bottoms and lids are sheared and a relief embossing on the body or lid of the container can be done on request.

  • The body of the tin occurs in the second stage. During this process, the container is assembled and takes the form under requested form by taking into account some fundamental elements such as image alignment. In addition, a static monitoring of the product occurs at regular intervals in order to verify the exact time continuous correspondence and temporarily stop the production in the event of non-compliance.

  • The third and last stage is dedicated to the shipping. Before being packaged, each box is monitored by the staff, which certifies its integrity. Once they are well packed, the boxes are ready to be dispatched in Italy and in the rest of the world.